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 Korean Bay Sea Salt

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 Korean Sea Salt

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 Red Sea Salt

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Our Sea Salts come from around the world. We continue to look into other sources to check for their quality of ORMUS. 

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 If you find any other  great sources for ORMUS Minerals, please email me and we may include them into this ORUMS Salt recipe.

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 Mineral Rich Ormus Salts Combinations

 Do you want to make your own Ormus Minerals?

We have searched for salt from around the world and brought together a combination of salt that will give you some very rich Ormus minerals with the wet method precipitate.

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 Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt



 Dead Sea Salt



 Organic Certified Grey Sea Salt



 Great Salt Lake Salt


 Utah, USA

 Korean Sea Salt


 South Korea

 Korean Bay Forshore Salt


 SW Coast Korea

 Red Sea Salt




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Himalayan Crystal Salt, Dead Sea Salt (Israel), Celtic Sea Salt, Certified Grey Sea Salt (France) Great Salt Lake Salt (Utah,USA), Korean Sea Salt, Korean Bay Sea Salt, Nigari, Sea-90, Vietnam Sea Salt





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 Rich Ormus Mineral Salts Combinations

 Do you want to make your own Ormus Minerals?

We have searched for salt from around the world and brought together a combination of salt that will give you some very rich Ormus minerals with the wet method precipitate.

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Ormus is mineral names of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum,copper, rhodium and more.

These minerals attracte the attention of experts because it is estimated could cure diseases that have been difficult to cure, such as leukemia, lupus, bipolar, cancer, diabetes, heart and more. Ormus minerals are also widely used for health and beauty therapies.

Mineral fraction is found in plants such as carrots and aloe vera. Ormus minerals sold in the form of salts, very efficacious for maintaining the health of the body such as increased metabolism and keep the skin rejuvenation. Ormus rich salts are produced from israel dead sea, pasific ocean, mountain himalaya and other deep sea.

As the name suggests ormus rich salts, this mineral salt is sold in powder form. The minerals are taken from various places in the world such as himalayas mountain, the dead sea, pacific ocean,red sea and other deep sea.

To maintain efficacy, this mineral should not be stored in the freezer, direct sunlight and near objects that emit electromagnetic energy such as electronic equipment and other equipment that uses electricity. Ormus minerals are minerals that have a physical and chemical properties different from other minerals.

These minerals are known by the name of a mono atomic which means one molecule one atom.

The atoms of ormus minerals, radiate single energy and frequency. These minerals efficacy lies in the single energy emited. The energy is widely used to treat various diseases associated with nerve.

Energy emitted by ormus minerals can be disrupted by cold temperatures, sunlight and electromagnetic waves. So as to maintain the efficacy, this mineral should be kept neutral.

Ormus rich salts highly efficacious for health and beauty. As with other minerals, ormus beneficial to increase metabolism and endurance. In the various studies conducted by experts, ormus minerals efficacious to eradicate cancer cells.

A variety of other diseases associated with nerve can also be overcome such as alzheimer,bipolar, lupus,brain tumors and other malignancies. Nerve traffic in humans, use the electromagnetic energy.

If traffic is disrupted, nerve in the body will lead to various kinds of disease.

Neurological disease can be seen from the interference of physical function and also influence peoples mood. The use of ormus minerals in certain doses can improve the performance of nerve.

The electromagnetic energy emitted from ormus minerals can also kill cancer cells. Some patients suffering from brain tumors can also be cured through therapy with ormus minerals.

To maintain health, ormus rich salts can also be mixed with various supplements and drinks with dose of teaspoon or as needed. Ormus minerals are not harmful to health. In addition to health, this mineral is very useful for beauty.

This mineral is useful to help rejuvenate the bodies cells. These minerals can also be mixed with oil for massage therapy.

Ormus minerals are unique and very powerful to maintain health. These minerals are believed to increase metabolism and increase endurance. Ormus rich salts prices counte based on weight. These minerals can be obtained online.


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