Magnesium Oil Dew Benefits For Your Health


Oil of Magnesium

Oil of magnesium is a liquid that has high concentration of magnesium chloride.

It has no oil content and is soluble in water.


Magnesium Oil
Ormus Minerals PURE Magnesium Oil Dew not diluted with water.

Magnesium Oil

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Magnesium Dew

Its high content of magnesium chloride makes its texture feel oily thus its name.

Intake of magnesium chloride helps boost bodily functions and ones health.

It is readily available in health stores at reasonable prices.

It can be found in form of lotions, sprays and flakes.

There various ways in which it can be used:

1) Foot soak - One adds the oil to warm water for soaking the feet.

The warm water helps increase the circulation thus more magnesium is absorbed into the body.

2) Tub soak - The oil is added into warm water for bathing.

3) Spraying - This is the most effective way to use the oil.

One sprays the oil according to their preference.

It can be sprayed on the whole body or on just the affected areas.

4) Ingesting - One can orally take the oil.

5) Applying on the skin - The oil can be gently rubbed on the specific affected areas of the skin or it can be used as a massage oil.

6) Injection - This method is mostly used by the doctors.

The magnesium oil is injected into the bloodstream.

It is the fastest way for the magnesium to be introduced into the bloodstream.

Ways of maximizing absorption of magnesium oil into the skin:

1) Massaging - Massage improves circulation of blood by stimulating blood flow to both the skin and the tissues thereby increasing absorption rate of the oil.

2) Warm shower - Taking a warm shower before application of the oil ensures that body oils and any other elements that may be on the skin are washed off thus increasing absorption of the magnesium oil into the body.

3) Brushing the skin dry - This is whereby one uses a natural bristle brush to cleanse and stimulate the skin when it is dry.

It is done before one takes a shower.

It leads to the removal of old skin cells and stimulation of blood and the lymphatic system.

4) Avoid applying lotions and other oils before applying the magnesium oil as they may block the skin pores hence reducing the amount of the oil absorbed into the system.

How oil of magnesium can be used:

1) It can be massaged on balding scalps to induce the growth of hair.

2) It can be applied on wrinkled skin so as to smoothen out wrinkles.

3) It is used for brushing the teeth thus whitening them.

4) It helps in rejuvenation of the sun-damaged skin.

5) If applied overnight it can effectively restore the color of graying hair and improve the hair texture.

6) In cases of people suffering from arthritis, it is applied on joints to relieve pain.

Using oil of magnesium can be greatly beneficial to its users.

However, precautions have to be take while using it especially in areas like eyes, genitals and freshly shaved areas for example armpits.

This is because use of highly concentrated magnesium chloride in these areas may cause itching and irritation.

For first time users, one may experience irritation of the skin, but one adjusts with frequent use of the oil.

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